Whole business in front of your eyes
AI analytics platform that displays all important metrics on a single page and helps in decision making
Developed based on eight years of experience working with SMEs from 19 countries around the world

Leave Google spreadsheets, Excel and all that reporting chaos in the past

Bringing together data from CRM, KPIs, PnL, interpreting it correctly and still making productive decisions is not easy. Especially when you don't have the resources of corporations. We're just like you and we understand that. That's why we created the Panel.
All key indicators of the company - on one page
This allows you to notice problem areas of the business in real time
Regular updates of data and graphs
To ensure that the owner and managers always have up-to-date information to make decisions
You can see how the metrics have been calculated
The panel is not a black box and gives you a clear step-by-step explanation of what it did

Here's what any business looks like in Panelka:

Not everything in a pile, but only what is needed to make decisions

In addition to displaying the necessary business indicators, you will always have an AI-analyst at your fingertips, which will provide a report in seconds to make quality decisions: whether to increase production load, whether to buy traffic, what will be the risks of hiring one more salesman
You no longer need those networks of complex spreadsheets that you look at and wonder what's really going on in the company. And you no longer need to spend half an hour digging through reports to understand which metrics have slipped over the last month. One glance at the dashboard, one question in chat with the AI - and you have the data.

Panelka is a product for owners and managers, not for analysts

Up-to-date information even for those living under a rock

We compare business performance not only with previous values, but also with benchmarks in the market, which are publicly available

Best thought out for teams of 15 people or more

Panelka is needed when manual management stops working and the workload of people in the company becomes uneven: someone is working around the clock (most often the CEO), and someone else is imitating a flurry of activity.

To maintain business efficiency while growing, you need transparency, accurate data and quality solutions. And we provide them.